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ATHS Alumni Association Endowment Fund

Established in 2002, the Arsenal Technical High School Alumni Association Endowment Fund provides an opportunity for alumni to contribute to the financial needs of Tech students and teachers and also leave a lasting mark of their generosity on the campus for future generations of Tech students, faculty, alumni and visitors to admire.

The Endowment Fund, made up of your tax-deductible contributions, will be invested using formal investment policies, creating interest and dividend income. All investment income will be disbursed for student and teacher needs through grants, only after formal requests by the faculty are received, researched and approved by the Endowment Fund Grant Committee.

The original 2002 Endowment Fund Campaign raised nearly $500,000. Interest and dividends from the original campaign have allowed the Grant Committee to award $155,000 to deserving students, teachers and groups on campus. Now it’s time for a fresh new campaign. Many recent grads are unaware of our Endowment Fund activities and opportunities. We’re inviting all Tech graduates to participate in this opportunity to permanently place their name in Tech’s history and help preserve Tech’s tradition. For as little as $200, you can be a permanent part of Tech’s rich history.

Download the Endowment Fund Brochure to learn more and make a pledge